Aug 10, 2016

On the Frontline: Climate Change & Rural Communities

The new report from the Climate Council reveals that climate change is likely to worsen the systemic disadvantages suffered by rural and regional communities, and further widen the gap between rural and urban areas. 
The 'On the Frontline: Climate Change & Rural Communities' report finds the increase in extreme weather events is disproportionately affecting those in rural areas, with serious social, health and economic impacts. 

  1. Rural and regional communities are disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change.
  2. The systemic disadvantages experienced by rural and regional communities over those in urban areas are likely to worsen if climate change continues unabated.
  3. Rural and regional communities are already adapting to the impacts of climate change but there are limits and costs.
  4. While rural and regional communities are on the frontline of climate change impacts, tackling climate change also provides these communities with many opportunities